Facebook 'Timeline' Tells the Story of Your Online Life (2)

 Facebook has been all about socializing and sharing content. However, this interaction has a time-bound aspect to it. Your set of friends and colleagues today might be different from a few years ago. Your activities, likes, preferences and social status will definitely change through time. With this in mind, Facebook has been cooking up a new profile interface that will not only feature what you've been up to lately, but the entire span of your life — at least the parts that are online. At the recently-concluded Facebook f8 conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the developer community with a barrage of new features. Perhaps most notable is the introduction of what could be the biggest overhaul of Facebook profiles yet. The new feature, called Timeline, will be a collection of all relevant updates that your account has had from the beginning until the present. Timeline actually goes beyond Facebook's beginnings, and tries to plot your life even before the dawn of social networking.

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